Apply Now: Purdue Aviation Scholarships 2022

Apply Now: Purdue Aviation Scholarships 2022

More than just a flight academy, Purdue offers a bachelor's degree in professional aviation, which gives you an expanded view of the aviation business.

The topics you will study range from how an aircraft is constructed to the decision-making process within the airline industry. Learn by flying with our top-of-the-line fleet and in our matching simulators, as well as from aviation professionals with extensive experience in the industry.


Purdue aviation scholarships encourages you to get the highest quality student and medical certificates available while studying at Purdue. This article will discuss the best way to apply for Purdue Aviation Scholarships.

About Purdue Polytechnic

Purdue Polytechnic Institute is one of the colleges that make up Purdue University and provides a distinct array of highly-demanding technology disciplines that are available for bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees on Purdue's campus, which is the flagship of the university located in West Lafayette, Indiana, as well as at other campuses throughout Indiana.


The Polytechnic's faculty and staff promote the development of collaboration, innovation, and creativity across diverse interdisciplinary groups in their constant pursuit of big ideas and innovative approaches.

With the help of their generous alums and active industrial partners, Purdue Polytechnic is continuing the vital steps of Purdue's past in preparing our students for their future success.

About the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology

Apply Now: Purdue Aviation Scholarships 2022

The School of Aviation and Transportation Technology is dedicated to giving students the knowledge and training required to design and construct airworthy machines, handle all aspects of aviation, and safely pilot aircraft to various users.


Research projects address the same subjects, FutureGen aviation challenges, alternatives to aviation fuels, and general aviation-related questions.

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Additional Features Available at The School of Aviation and Transportation Technology

  • Earn commercial and private pilot certificates, as well as an instrument rating
  • Elite R-ATP flight training – graduates can be certified with just 1,000 hours of flight time
  • Two degrees in just five years: Earn your bachelor's degree in aviation and master's degrees in aviation and aerospace management in just five years using a unique program of studies.
  • Join different student clubs specifically for students studying aviation.
  • Use your Polytechnic Learning Environment to develop into a job-ready graduate.
  • Learn to obtain certification as a pilot instructor. Assist in teaching younger students how to fly.
  • Complete and continue your flight education in the most modern airplanes.

Educational Program Goals (PEGs) Professional Aviation Technology

The purpose of the B.S. The Flight Technology Professional Flight Technology program will increase proficiency over time in the following six skills. At a minimum, 80% of students can demonstrate their understanding abilities, skills, and competencies concerning each one of the areas by getting 80% or higher at the level of proficiency.

  • Leadership
  • Technical Excellence
  • Decision-Making
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience

The three levels of proficiency were defined for each competence: Emerging (level 1), Advanced (level 2), and Proficient (level 3).

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So let's talk about Purdue aviation scholarships

Purdue Aviation Scholarships

Professional flight students from the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology might have the opportunity to receive additional scholarship money, either through the school or other organizations. Purdue Flight scholarships will be granted based on academic merit and the need.

To be eligible for these Purdue aviation scholarships or Purdue full ride scholarship, students who are beginning or continuing their studies have to apply for scholarships each year they attend. The scholarships offered by non-profit organizations other than Purdue might require additional information and may have specific deadlines.

How To Apply for Purdue Aviation Scholarships

Below are the ways on how to apply for Purdue aviation scholarships or Purdue university scholarships:

1. For New Student

New students starting this fall and currently enrolled students who will return in the fall semester should check out the Division of Financial Aid website to find out how to apply for various financial aid, including scholarships.

2. For new Polytechnic Institute students who will begin in the fall

To receive these Purdue scholarships for Purdue student specifically offered to students by the Polytechnic Institute, you will require a complete admissions form submitted to the institution before December 15. You must complete and submit your FAFSA along with your Purdue Supplemental scholarship application from October 1 to December 15.

3. For current Polytechnic Institute students who will return in the fall

To be considered for scholarships offered explicitly through the Polytechnic Institute, you must fill out and submit a FAFSA and an application for the Purdue scholarship application between January 1 and March 1.

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