Apply Now: Imperial College Fully-funded PhD Scholarships 2022

Imperial College Fully-funded PhD Scholarships

The president's Imperial College Fully-funded Ph.D. Awards in Imperial College offer an excellent chance for prospective students from abroad Ph.D. students for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Suppose you're a high performer as a student. In that case, whether you are an undergraduate or Master's student with an intense desire to pursue a Ph.D. program in a top research institute, you may be selected to receive total tuition costs and a substantial allowance to secure a Ph.D. Placement in Imperial College London. Imperial College London. Ph.D. Scholarships are designed to give up to 50 students with high potential and the possibility to pursue their research area of choice with the guidance of a highly skilled supervisor.


Opportunities to receive Ph.D. funding via this scheme are highly competitive, with higher than typical qualifications. The applicants must be sure they will show outstanding academic achievement before applying for this scholarship. Previous scholarship recipients have performed well in their classes, typically earning 85% or more grades for their degree(s).

  • Candidates who apply by 8th November 2019 and get granted the scholarship will be informed by 4th February 2020.
  • The applicants who apply before 10th January 2020 and are awarded an award will be notified by 31st March 2020.
  • Candidates who apply before 20th March 2020 and are granted the scholarship will be notified by 29th May 2020.
  • Do you get a chance to be offered annually? Yes.
  • No. of Awardees: up to 50
  • Duration of the scholarship: up to 3.5 years
  • Award Provider: Imperial College
  • Eligible Countries: International
  • To be used by (country): London, UK.

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Imperial College Fully-funded Ph.D. Scholarships Eligibility:

Imperial College Fully-funded PhD Scholarships

  1. Applications are welcomed by talented students of Imperial College London, the UK, as well as around the world. There are no limitations regarding the nationality of applicants.
  2. Candidates must be amongst the top performers within their undergraduate cohort and have received or expected to earn the first-class UK qualification or equivalent.
  3. Candidates for a master's degree that is a standalone degree must have earned an academic distinction or, in the case where it has not yet been attained, demonstrate their high achievement that could lead to an award. They also need to hold an upper-division UK undergraduate diploma or an equivalent (integrated Masters that form part of an undergraduate degree, e.g., MEng MSci, M.Math, are considered by Admissions as undergraduate qualifications to determine the eligibility criteria). Candidates who have multiple Master's degrees must have attained an award in the most applicable to the Ph.D. research.
  4. Students with degrees from foreign institutions are strongly encouraged to check if their marks correspond to the applicable requirements for eligibility.
  5. Before applying, applicants must have contacted their supervisor from the academic division at Imperial College London, who has accepted to oversee their research. Be aware that supervisors can only supervise one student at any given time. Review the Supervisors of the President's Ph.D. Scholarships page for further information. Be aware that current Ph.D. students registered as Imperial Ph.D. students have not qualified to apply for a Presidential Ph.D. Scholarship. The program is open only to applicants for new PhDs.

Selection Method: Applications will be reviewed in two stages:

  1. The Department reviews candidates who meet or are predicted to satisfy the eligibility criteria they have applied to. Departments will pick a shortlist of the most qualified candidates to submit for consideration to Imperial College Selection Panel for review.
  2. The final decision is taken into the hands of the Imperial College Selection Panel. The panel members include the vice-provost (Research) and the Vice-Deans of the Faculty for Research. The Panel will review the candidates who are shortlisted across all Faculties. The scholarships will be given to those who have the most significant potential.

Successful candidates will receive written confirmation of their scholarships. Any offer for a Ph.D. position is contingent on the outcome of the final interview conducted at the discretion of departmental officials. Department and (if relevant) on the applicant achieving the anticipated qualifications.

The applicants who aren't selected to receive the award will automatically be evaluated as candidates for the Ph.D.


Application Procedure

How to apply for Imperial College Fully-funded Ph.D. Scholarships: There is no specific form to apply for a scholarship. It is recommended to submit your application to be admitted to the study at Imperial by using the application system for admission online. Your Department will place you in the running for the award based on academic merit and potential.

  1. If you are asked to write the submission of a personal statement, the information must be approximate. One thousand words (maximum two pages) and provides a detailed account of your research and academic achievements to date, describing the details of your research plan. The selection panel will not consider statements exceeding two pages limit. It is possible to submit a revised version of the report if you require it after submitting your application.
  2. To be considered for the Presidential Ph.D. Scholarship scheme, applicants must choose this option within the section on funding of the tab with additional questions on the online application form.
  3. You will also need to satisfy any additional specifications set forth by the Department of your choice.

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