Apply Now: Frame My Future Scholarship 2024

Frame My Future Scholarship

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student who is enthusiastic about the future? You should consider making an application for the Frame My Future scholarship! Frame My Future Scholarship is an award that Frame my Future scholarship awards up to $6,000 to multiple students every year who provide visual representations of how their future looks like.

Since 2007, my future scholarship, a no-essay contest, has been a catalyst for thousands of college-bound teenagers and adults to present their unique and imaginative visions of their future. The competition is based on the belief that education should be a priority and has given away more than 50 scholarships. This article will discuss how I can apply for Frame My Future Scholarship.


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About Frame My Future Scholarship

Frame My Future Scholarship

How do you imagine your future? Ink, photography collage, painting mixed media, or graphic design. Create a work of art that outlines what you hope to achieve in your life and professional life following college. T

The top four students with the highest votes will be awarded $6,000, $2.5k, $1k, or $500 college scholarships for the fall 2023-2024 academic year.

The entry you submit must contain an original unique artwork or photo (no copies of images are allowed). For examples of previous entries, look at photographs of earlier seasons:

Scholarship Benefits

Below are the benefits for frame your future scholarship:

  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER: $6,000 and a custom frame.
  • 1st RUNNER-UP: $2,500 and an individual frame.
  • 2nd RUNNER-UP: $1,000 and an individual frame.
  • 3rd RUNNER-UP: $500 and an individual frame.

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Eligibility For Frame My Future Scholarship

The frame my future scholarship contest is available to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels who meet the eligibility requirements.

  • It is required to be a legal U.S. resident who will be a full-time undergraduate student at the U.S. college or university for the academic year 2023-2024.
  • The entry deadline is 10/1/22 through 3/23/13 at noon (11:59 midnight E.T.). One entry per contestant.
  • Descriptions should not exceed 500 characters.
  • Each submission is final, and no revisions.
  • Your access must be in a JPG/JPEG or PNG file format no bigger than 10MB.

Selection Criteria for Frame My Future Scholarship 2022

  • Our internal panel of judges will choose 24 Finalists based on the originality of the work, the creativeness of the photo, and the description that goes with it. We will reveal the winners on the 13th of March 23rd.
  • Take the time to review your work to ensure it is correct in grammar and spelling. Incorrect grammar and spelling could affect the results.

How are the Winners Selected For Frame My Future Scholarship

  • The public voting period will be held from 3/13/23 to 3/31/23 for the entries of the 24 Finalists.
  • The admission with the highest number of votes will win the Grand Prize of a $6,000 scholarship. The second-place entry will be awarded an award of $2,500, the 3rd place will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship, and the 4th place entry will be awarded a $500 prize.
  • Four Prize Winners will be announced. Four prize winners will be revealed on 4/14/23.

Application Deadline For Frame My Future Scholarship

Frame My Future entry submissions from 10/1/2022 to 3/1/2023 at 1159 AM Eastern Standard Time.

For more information, visit this site of their official website

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