Apply Now: Disney College Program Spring 2023

Disney College Program Spring 2023

The Disney college program spring 2023 will be the first to announce details for the next hiring window tomorrow. The next hiring period is expected for programs scheduled to start during the first half of 2023.

There are a variety of possibilities to get involved for Disney World, including one of the best possibilities is the internship program specifically designed for students in college.


About Disney College Program Spring 2023

The Disney College Program began again in June 2021, after being one of the very first parts of Walt Disney World, which was permanently suspended on March 20, 2020.

Disney has made significant investments in its Disney College Program, creating a brand-new housing complex and campus near Walt Disney World. To take a unique visit to the campus.


This Disney college program spring 2023 is a five-seven months program in which participants get invaluable experience on the job while working in Disney resorts and parks, engage in learning opportunities, and reside in a college environment with students from around the globe.

With the possibility of working in two places which are Disney Land Resort and Walt Disney World, Participants can meet new people and be part of a world-class company, and build their resumes.

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What Disney College Program Spring 2023 Offers

1. Housing & Amenities

While Disney is the place to be, and you'll live in our state-of-the-art, brand-new living spaces, which include luxurious living areas, a pool that is resort-style as well as a full-service gym as well as common areas that are part of the community as well as exceptional educational facilities. The cost of housing ranges from $175 to $235 per day based on the type of residence that a participant decides to stay in during their stay.


While on the course of your Disney Program, you'll have the chance to meet people from across the globe and build lasting friendships. Don't trust us.

Unique Disney experiences are a major element of all our programs. From celebrity sightings to exclusive special events, there's plenty of fun through the Disney Program!

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2. Earning

Participants can work indoors and outside at theme parks Disney Springs, water resorts, and parks. They'll be paid an hourly wage depending on their job. However, they will be paid a minimum of $13 per hour. At the time of applying, applicants must be open to any role.

Participants can work in the form of a full-time work schedule and, therefore, must have full availability for work that includes working on all hours of the day, night, weekends, holidays, and weekends. Participants should also be able to work at any hour of the day, even early in the morning or even after midnight.

Whatever the job, regardless of the role, it is clear that the Disney College Program provides a distinctive and varied educational and working experience. The students are encouraged to be flexible in the job they are offered. Each role offers participants the chance to build their communication and problem-solving abilities, self-confidence, and confidence.

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3. Learning

With our new and innovative learning facilities, you'll be given a chance to take programs that will not only be interesting to you but also benefit you in your professional career.

Get connected with the most professional Disney professionals and learn more about their professional journeys. You might be amazed how many began their career with some Disney Programs!

With so many different experiences to enjoy, You will acquire transferable skills in the classroom, in your work, and in your personal experiences to carry with you to that next journey.

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Is This a Paid Internship?

Disney College Program Spring 2023

Yes, it is indeed true that the Disney College Program is a paid internship. It is equivalent to working the length of a full-time work schedule. Therefore you'll need full availability.

This means you must be available all hours of the day, at night on weekends, holidays, and even weekends. The days include early mornings and evenings. It could also include late night hours.

Most students are required to work between 30 to 40 hours per week and could have the opportunity to work additional hours. You may be expected to work up to 60 hours each week at times of high demand.

Eligibility for the Disney college program for spring 2023

Here are the requirements of Disney to be a part of this program. Disney college internship Program:

  1. At the age of 18 at the time of applying.
  2. Have an unrestricted work authorization.
  3. Be sure to meet the academic requirements of your college.
  4. Previous DCP participants must wait four months from their date of departure before applying.

When to Apply for Disney College Program Spring 2023

Two major recruitment windows for students are open in spring and the other in the Fall. If you plan to apply for the fall semester, the application period begins in January and continues until March. In the same way, if you plan to submit your application for the spring semester, it is best to apply between August and October.

Professional Internships and other programs can change based on the dates they are made available. To verify the application window, it is essential to refer to this page. Click here.

If you'd like to receive an appointment reminder when you need to apply, join a mailing list to receive information on Disney's programs. You can also get notifications when the programs are specifically offered openly. Click Here.

How To Submit your Application

When applications for your preferred sessions are open, Prepare to submit your application. The status of your application can be checked at any point via your dashboard. After completing your application, you can begin preparing for your online and telephone interviews.

Fill out the form below.

Important Dates

It is also important to take into consideration that Disney college program spring 2023 has five different seasons to choose from:

  1. Spring: January-May
  2. Spring Advantage: January – August
  3. Late Spring March-August

If accepted to the program, you will be given the option of choosing between the various arrival dates. Dates for arrival for each session usually occur within several weeks.

Go to the website of DCP Disney for more details, Click Here

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