Apply Now: Data Science Master Degree Scholarship 2022

Data Science Master Degree Scholarship

Are you a Student in Data Science? Are you trying to find data science master degree scholarship? We have compiled a list of Master's Scholarships in Data science. Our thorough research study led to Data Science scholarships throughout different nations.

Scholarships can reduce the financial problem of data science specialists studying as educators, scientists, analysts, supervisors, specialists, or any other profession.


Discovering data science master degree scholarship can be difficult. This compilation of data science scholarships might help. This list consists of scholarships as much as $38,000 that target varied prospects and those not limited to school- or state-based programs. This article will list the top 10 data science master degree scholarship.

What is data science

Data science is the domain of research study that handles large volumes of information using modern tools and strategies to discover unseen patterns, obtain meaningful information, and make organizational decisions. Data science utilizes intricate device learning algorithms to build predictive designs. The data used for analysis can come from various sources and provide in numerous formats.


Data science is an interdisciplinary STEM field offering bachelors to postgraduate degrees concentrated on extracting understanding from volumes of collected information during research. According to  Analytics India Magazine, in addition to the recession associated with Covid-19, there will likewise be an uprise in automation for companies. With that, if information scientists do not upskill and re-skill themselves, there will be a scarcity of competent data researchers in the industry. Studying important significant information can prepare you for great positions like:

  • Data Analyst
  • Analytics Consultant
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Architect

Why study Data science

Now that you comprehend what it is, here are some huge reasons that data science might be the right option for you to study at college:

1. Earning Potential

Studying information science in college can cause a profitable profession. According to the College and Results Report released in July 2019, ICT graduates get the most outstanding weekly earnings five years after finishing compared to other sectors (based on the analysis of the destinations of trainees who graduated between 2010 and 2016).

However, data science is one of the leading paid innovation jobs above other I.T. and management functions, with the typical base pay of over EUR50K in Ireland, according to task search website Glassdoor. So, if you want to put the work in, it will deserve it.


2. Work Opportunities

Full-time BSc (Honours) in Data Science students will have the chance to finish a six-month work placement in their third year of the course. This enables students to get valuable experience while still studying, guaranteeing they can strike the ground running when they finish the following year.

NCI computing graduates are highly sought after, with many students finishing their work experience in recognized businesses such as Microsoft, Intel, Citi, SAP, Irish Life, Vodafone, and Workday. The college hosts a display event before students leave the college where students can show their skills and knowledge to impress potential employers. Many trainees acquire work due to networking with companies on this occasion.

3. Alternative Entry Method

For trainees who are worried about protecting an H5 in Mathematics in your Leaving Certificate, they can complete our Alternative Mathematics Exam to study information science at the National College of Ireland.

Leaving Certificate trainees who are not studying Higher Level Maths or are concerned that they might not attain the needed grade can undertake our mathematics examination as an alternative entry technique to our data science courses.

Free preparation classes will be held at the college in advance of the exam from Monday 17th to Wednesday, August 19, with the examination happening on Thursday, August 20. You can email our School Liaison Officer Karen Campbell to register your position for the examination.

4. Free Fees Initiative

BSc (Honours) in Data Science and Higher Certificate in Data Science courses are certified under the Free Fees Effort and the Trainee Grand Plan (SUSI).

This suggests that trainees pay the contribution charge, which covers administration costs and the gym charge. However, students qualified for the SUSI grant do not pay the trainee contribution cost. These efforts ensure that pursuing third-level education is a practical pathway for trainees who might not be thinking about college as an option for them due to financial concerns.

5. Discover Cutting-Edge Technologies

Data science graduates develop technical expertise supplying them with the skills to guarantee they will be ready to leap directly into the workplace when they leave college. Students will be encouraged to build an understanding of new technologies such as information modeling, machine learning, and expert system as they advance through the course.

Along with this sought-after skillset and knowledge, getting students all set for a role as an information scientist, the NCI Careers Group will offer vital training to support trainees before they begin their task hunt. This involves technical job interview methods, personalized CV preparation, and recommendations on constructing an expert online profile.

6. Global Demand for Data Scientists

There is an acute lack of qualified data researchers worldwide. A recent report from the job website Undoubtedly exposed a 29% increase in the demand for applicants for roles in the area of information science year-on-year. In comparison, there has been a staggering 344% boost because 2013, with searches by task seekers growing slower (14%), recommends a gap between supply and need.

Given that there is such a demand for candidates for these functions worldwide, this provides graduates the chance to integrate travel and gain global work experience, enhancing their CV and future employment opportunities.

7. Work Across Various Sectors

One of the best things about being associated with this area is that information scientists can work across various markets and sectors.

A few leading industries for information science experts include health care and pharmaceutical, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, telecoms, and the automobile market.

As a data researcher, you can affect your function by examining the performance of crucial locations of a company, such as sales and marketing, operations, and customer support, and driving favorable changes based upon evidence.

8. Future-Oriented Role

Information is the driving force behind industries in the 21st Century. Anyone preparing to establish their understanding of the information science field is putting themselves in a strong position for an influential future profession.

Positive enterprises that comprehend that data fuels the future are working with data researchers now. It's the career of tomorrow and guarantees to deliver a future-proofed job for anybody who equips themselves with an understanding of innovations such as artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence, which will help them become an essential asset to their employer.

9. Contribute to Society

Yes, data science can make the world a better place. Numerous ‘excellent news stories' are credited to specialists evaluating data in innovative and intelligent methods to produce efficient outcomes.

A current example involves a group of data scientists and medical specialists who teamed up at Oxford University to develop a more effective contact tracing process throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team utilized mathematical models to show that conventional approaches were not fast enough to slow the virus's spread ultimately. Given this information, they created a mobile phone-based solution that sends a text to anyone directly contacting a verified case, directing them to self-isolate instantly.

10. Best of Both Worlds

If you believe that you have a style for organization, desire to establish your technical skills, and are fuelled by the need to comprehend big data, then studying data science is the best choice for you.

It's a highly professional occupation that combines technical capability with organization understanding and has excellent chances for growth.

You will gain knowledge of various ideas such as computational thinking, problem-solving and shows, information visualization, and task management.

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Why It Is Neccessary to Get a Degree in Data Science

Data Science Master Degree Scholarship

1. Learn in-demand data science skills

Data science needs to master programming languages like Python, R shows, and others, in addition to approaches such as artificial intelligence, information wrangling, and information visualization.

A master's program with a curriculum designed by specialist faculty will supply an extensive education that prepares you for future success by obtaining skills to catch, aggregate, and evaluate diverse kinds of data, recognize patterns and patterns within that data, and communicate results.

These sought-after abilities will be incorporated throughout the slate, and you will also discover chances to use them to conclude from simple information sets.

2. Become more hirable

Earning an advanced degree is critical to positioning yourself for the profession chances readily available in the date science occupation. First, your competition for task chances will likely hold an advanced degree. KDnuggets, a website on data science professions and other subjects, says that 88 percent of information researchers have a master's degree and 46 percent hold a Ph.D.. also emphasized that trend in its data science career guide, stating that “information science is a field where career chances tend to be greater for those with advanced degrees.”

3. Earn a higher salary

Utilizing education to improve your position for job opportunities should result in an attractive salary in the information science field. The bright side is that payment only predicts to enhance.

For instance, SalaryExpert says the December 2020 typical information scientist salary of$ 114,012 will increase by 10 percent in 2025 to$ 125,790. Making a master's degree in data science can unlock these gratifying careers.

The following is a breakdown of five task titles in the information science occupation.

Title 25th percentile 50th percentile 75th percentile 95th percentile
Big Data Engineer 132,500 166,500 197,750 226,500
AI Architect 123,750 148,000 166,000 194,750
Data Architect 123,250 145,500 168,500 199,250
Data Scientist 109,000 129,000 156,000 185,750
Data Modeler 83,250 104,750 129,500 175,000

4. Gain credibility through real business experience

The valuable benefits of tasks in the Master's curriculum are an essential component of an information science master's program. While acquiring programming languages and other necessary abilities is vital, jobs permit you to use your education for a real-world service problem.

5. Gain hands-on experience with research that can improve lives

But there is more to working on a research study task than professional experience. In a master's program, you will be

It is Partnering with efforts that can make a meaningful impact on society. Through data science, you can help predict the results of public health policy, contribute to smart cities and preparation, advance individualized medication, and enhance your understanding of the scientific elements that add to health injustices and socioenvironmental effects on public health.

A master's program in information science can offer much more than a core group of skills. You should likewise gain significant experiences showing the effect you can make through information science.

Why You Need A data Science Master Degree Scholarship

Obtaining a master's degree in any associated field can help certify you for a career in Data Science. Ending up being a sophisticated certified Data Researcher the expert can likewise increase your professional chances and earning capability; some companies might require it.

There are Universities, organizations, and other platforms that offer Data Science scholarships to trainees pursuing Master's degree in this important and in-demand field, so if you are aiming to land additional funding for your Master's research studies, make sure to inspect these 15 out of the many regional, and worldwide Scholarships.

Opportunities like this do not always come as often as we'd desire. Instead, they always come rarely. Therefore I recommend taking these opportunities by going through all the scholarships in this article and selecting the ones you qualify for. So below are the top 10 data science master degree scholarships.

Top 10 Data Science Master Degree Scholarship

1. 10 Scholarships In Informatics For Masters Programme

  • Host/Eligibility Nationality: International students in the UK can apply for these scholarships. Hosted in UK
  • Deadline: April 3rd
  • Scholarship Worth: £2,000 will be offered for one academic year.

First on our list of data science master degree scholarship is 10 Scholarships In Informatics For Masters Programme.

The School of Informatics will provide 10 Master's scholarships for Data Science Trainees and associated research study fields. International students who are Data Science student can apply for these fully funded data science masters.

MSc in the following courses:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Design Informatics
  • Informatics
  • Cognitive Science
  • Computer Science

Apply Here

2. Fisher Family Fund Fellowship Program

  • Host/Eligibility Nationality: Eligible Niners must be in the U.S and living in Charlotte,
  • Level/Field of Study: Data Science Students, who are Master degree Students.
  • Scholarship Worth: Grants $2,000 to extraordinary graduate students
  • Deadline: May 15th

Second on our list of data science master degree scholarship is Fisher Family Fund Fellowship Program. Propelled by Tom and Judy Fisher, the University of North Carolina-Charlotte in the U.S. offers Fisher Family Fund Data Science scholarships each Spring to Data Science students and trainees in Computing and Informatics. They are acquiring a Master's degree in Data Science and Organization Analytics

Apply Here

3. INFORMS Analytics Society Student Scholarship

  • Host/Eligibility Nationality: Open to local, and international students who are enrolled in an accredited institution in a recognized Country.
  • Level/Field of Study: The Data science Scholarships, is open to  Bachelors and Master degree students, who are Data Science students
  • Scholarship Worth: provides $3,000, and winners also stand the chance to receive a round-trip flight, meals, and lodging, for the INFORMS yearly Conference.
  • Deadline: February 13th

On our list of data science master degree scholarship is INFORMS Analytics Society Student Scholarship. In partnership with SAS, the Institute for Management Sciences and Operations Research hosts the Analytics Society Science Student Scholarship Competition each Spring.

Apply Here

4. Jack Larson Data for Public Good Fellowship

  • Host/Eligibility Nationality: Hosted in the University of California-Berkeley in the US. Open to local and international students.
  • Level/Field of Study: the Data Science Scholarships is available to information, and Data Science Students who Master Degree Students.
  • Scholarship Worth:  $8,500 scholarships are Offered to six students, annually
  • Deadline: Varies

Also on our list of data science master degree scholarship is Fisher Family Fund Fellowship Program. The Jack Larson Data for Public Good Data sciences Trainees and associated Scholarships is dispatched by the School of Info at the University of California-Berkeley to bless the Haas Hall of Famer who got Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Service Award. The program will pick six Master's trainees pursuing the Master of Details and Data Science degree.

Apply Here

5. Lilly Endowment Scholarship for Data Science

  • Host/Eligibility Nationality: Applicants must study in the US to Qualify for this Data Science Scholarships.
  • Level/Field of Study: Master students, who are Data Science students.
  • Scholarship Worth: provides $1,000 per term and $5,000 total.
  • Deadline: June 15th

Also on our list of data science master degree scholarship is Lilly Endowment Scholarship for Data Science. At Saint Mary's College, the Lilly Masters Scholarships to outstanding male or female Masters trainees pursuing the Mathematically rigorous MSc in Data Science program. provides$ 1,000 per term for$ 5,000, winners need to show computer system shows experience.

Apply Here

6. Russ Peterson Technology Scholarship

  • Host/Eligibility Nationality: Local and international students who study in Manhattan
  • Level/Field of Study: The Master Scholarships is open to Data Science students who are masters degree students Scholarship Worth: Full funding for the study programme.
  • Deadline: February 28th

Also on our list of data science master degree scholarship is Russ Peterson Technology Scholarship. The CUNY School of Specialist Research studies in Manhattan dispatches about$ 400,000 annually via financial assistance, including the Russ Peterson Technology Scholarship.

This fully funded masters in data science helps full-time trainees with Data Science career goals who are within about 30 credits of completing their undergraduate research studies in Information Systems, Health Information Management, or Data Science.

Apply Here

7. William “Bill” Inmon Scholarship for Data Analytics

  • Host/Eligibility Nationality: University of Calgary in the US, open to local and international students
  • Level/Field of Study: The Masters Scholarship is for Masters students in Data Science.
  • Scholarship Worth:  $2,000 each year will be offered
  • Deadline: April 28th

On our list of data science master degree scholarship is William “Bill” Inmon Scholarship for Data Analytics. Merge by Dr. Kewal Dhariwal and Wade Walker, the William “Expense” local and worldwide Scholarships for Data Science student from the Institute for Accreditation of Computing Professionals.

Three Data Science trainees of these eco-friendly Master's scholarships will be chosen for excellence in data science, data mining, and data at the University of Calgary.

Apply Here

8. Skoltech Msc Full Tuition Scholarships For International Students

  • Host/Eligibility Nationality: To be taken in Russia, open to local and international students.
  • Scholarship Worth: Not less than 40.000 RUR /month will be offered, other benefits are also in stock.
  • Deadline: July 16th

Also on our list of data science master degree scholarship is Skoltech Msc Full Tuition Scholarships For International Students.

The Institute of Science and Technology( Skolkovo) is now welcoming global trainees for Master's scholarships to pursue Master's Programmes for a local as International trainees are also qualified to apply for this Information Science scholarship program.

Masters degree programmes in the following fields are eligible:

  • Statistical Learning Theory
  • Photonics and Quantum Materials
  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Energy Systems
  • Data Science

Apply Here

9. Master of Data Science Entry Scholarships for International Students

  • Host/Eligibility Nationality: Can only be taken in Australia at the University of Sydney. Open to students from all international countries
  • Level/Field of Study: Scholarships are available for pursuing Masters of Data Science degree program in Australia.
  • Deadline: June 24

Also on our list of data science master degree scholarship is Master of Data Science Entry Scholarships for International Students. Australia is using Information science scholarships for Data Science students who are international students for the year.

The Data Science Masters Degree Scholarships are available for high intellectual trainees in the Masters of Data Science degree program. These scholarships are available to international trainees from around the world who want to study in Australia.

Apply Here

10. ACM SIGHPC and The Intel Computational and Data Science Scholarships

  • Host/Eligibility Nationality: open to international students or students from developing countries, or minority group. Can be taken in US Universities
  • Level/Field of Study: Master degree students in Data Science.
  • Scholarship Worth: worth $15,000 annually to masters international students.
  • Deadline: April 30th

Lastly on our list of data science master degree scholarship is ACM SIGHPC and The Intel Computational and Data Science Scholarships. The Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on High-Performance Computing partners with Intel to provide

The Computational & Data Science scholarships for Master's students. Eligible candidates must be females or members of racial minority groups who have a bachelor's degree at a recognized U.S. college.

Apply Here

Below are top scholarships for masters in data science which includes data science graduate scholarships

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