APPLY NOW: 1-year postdoctoral research fellowship (University Of Cardiff)

postdoctoral research

1-year Postdoctoral research fellowship (University Of Cardiff) is seeking applications for a fully-funded 3-year Ph.D. award focusing on the Black history of Cardiff and South Wales. After the successful conclusion of the Ph.D., follow-up funding can be obtained for a one-year postdoctoral researcher fellowship.

About The University Of Cardiff

Cardiff University is a public research university located in Cardiff, Wales. It was founded in 1883 under the name of it was known as the University College of South Wales and Monmouth shire and then became an institution within the University of Wales in 1893.


It merged into the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology (UWIST) in 1988, forming its own the University of Wales College, Cardiff (the University of Wales, Cardiff since 1996). In 1997, it was granted degree-granting power, but it kept the power in the absence.

The university adopted the operating name Cardiff University in 1999; the name was changed to its official title in 2005, and it became an independent institution that could award its degrees.


Cardiff University is the only Welsh member of the Russell Group of research-intensive British universities. Alumni and academics from Cardiff University have included three heads of government or state and two Nobel Prize winners, 15 fellows of the Royal Society, 11 fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering, seven fellows of the British Academy, 21 fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences and 34 fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences.

About The School of History, Archaeology and Religion

The School of History, Archaeology, and Religion is a vibrant and friendly department with global recognition for research and teaching. The School has more than 70 academic faculty members and over 1000 postgraduate and undergraduate students.

They're committed to offering the best education possible at all levels, from students looking to re-enter the classroom through our Pathways to our vibrant and international undergraduate and postgraduate students. They are proudly embedded in the local community of Wales with particularly close ties to the heritage field.

They are looking for creative and enthusiastic candidates with a solid one 1st or higher, two 2nd grade undergraduate degrees, or a Master's qualification or work experience, including an understanding of research methods or a related field.


The School is determined to tackle the lack of representation of BAME students in the most rigorous levels of research. It also solicits applications from Black and minorities ethnic applicants.

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The Topics of Focus for This Postdoctoral Research

postdoctoral research

Research proposals are welcome on this PhD scholarships based on the candidates' personal research preferences. Together with Heritage and Cultural Exchange, they are looking for proposals that draw upon the new resources available from Heritage and Cultural Exchange Archives. Heritage and Cultural Exchange Archives, with a focus on:

  1. The Maritime Black histories that explore Cardiff's Black maritime economic and political connections using original research as well as the Seafarers Group's oral history interviews and archive collections at TCHE and contributing to the development of an emerging field of global maritime research that focuses on the transnational space;
  2. Stories of the gendered and racialized aspects of everyday life, with a particular emphasis on ones that focus on women's voices that are not represented in public history and academic research, as well as creating the foundation for a new research field that is not centered upon the race riots of 1919, and the sex industry, for example;
  3. Transnational histories of Diaspora, possibly from Somali as well as Yemeni transnational communities diasporic social and political organization, based on Somali older interviews that were conducted at TCHE as part of a new wave of studies into Black diasporic communities' political organization;
  4. The stories of the anti-apartheid movement in South Wales have been largely ignored from the point of view of Black Welsh organizers and an unresolved issue in the new research into the histories of anti-racist protest and organizing.

The successful applicants for this postdoctoral research are qualified for a full scholarship comprising a maintenance stipend and tuition costs at the UK research organization cost. The program begins at the beginning of January 2023.

The postdoctoral research will pay Cardiff costs for tuition at the UK cost and a monthly maintenance grant of 3 years of full-time study at the current Research Council rates (£16,234 stipend for the academic year 2022/23) as well as assistance for conference travel and other research-related expenses.

The studentship also provides money for public history or community engagement outreach. However, due to funding restrictions, international tuition fees cannot be paid in this instance.

The one-year postdoctoral fellowship is designed to offer an opportunity for publication and public participation and alleviate the precarious situations affecting researchers from marginalized backgrounds within academia. The full scholarship PhD programs is contingent upon success in completing the Ph.D.


How to apply For This PhD programs

To discuss this postdoctoral research with a person informally, please contact:


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