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Jakarta International College Awards (1)

Jakarta International College Awards in Indonesia Learning well is crucial to success in life. In recognition of the importance of studying, Jakarta International College is offering a bursary to overseas students to fund their studies.

The study program's goal is to provide financial aid for students at the undergraduate level students and to motivate students to attain academic excellence. The program is available for the period 2020-2021.


Outstanding offer to students who want to earn money to study in Indonesia.

Jakarta International College offers four internationally recognized education programs to assist students transitioning between high school and university. It is renowned for its academic excellence.


About Jakarta International College

Jakarta International College (JIC) was founded in Jakarta in 2002 by a group of experts who value their work and are committed to providing international education of high quality and the highest standard.

They know that studying abroad can be challenging, such to cost, language, and preparations. They have created programs for international students in Jakarta that assist them in overcoming these hurdles and successfully going to universities in other countries.

To facilitate studying, JIC has various classrooms ranging from large ones for presentations and lectures to smaller rooms suitable for discussions in groups and individual tutorial sessions. All have whiteboards with internet connectivity, a computer with an internet connection, multimedia projectors, LCD, and audio-video capabilities.

JIC recognizes that the pressures of the personal and academic worlds can affect students' performance. Therefore, we offer support through Academic Advisors and Personal Counselors to students looking to share their concerns and help identify the best solutions.


Why at Jakarta International College?

JIC offers students education to help them be influential leaders in the global marketplace. JIC is also a diverse community of open-minded, compassionate, responsible, and caring students.

Why You Should Start With JIC

Jakarta International College Awards (1)

There are a variety of reasons students pick Jakarta International College as their base for their journey to universities in other countries:

  • Guaranteed Placement at University: Through JIC, you will be guaranteed a spot at Monash University & Western Michigan University
  • Very Good PreparationLanguage foundational academy information and time management are among the most crucial before starting university.
  • Interactivity and technology in the learning space: Wifi in every room
  • Class Size: Only 25 participants for the Tutorial class
  • Team WorkParticipate with others in groups and learn to become an effective team player
  • Explore and Discover Your Area of Specialization: Strengthen your understanding of the course you prefer.
  • Smart Savings on Time and Money: Save your time, living expenses, and tuition costs when you study abroad. Begin your studies in Indonesia and put aside the funds and time to continue your studies abroad or in other future ventures
  • Stay longer with your family: Starting your study with JIC will reduce the duration of your studies abroad, allowing you to remain longer with your family.

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Jakarta International College will provide advantages to the successful candidate following the GPA of the student, that is:

  • Scholarship $16,000, with a GPA of 4.0+
  • Scholarship $7,500 and GPA 3.50-3.99 (year three to four)
  • Award of $5,000 for a scholarship and GPA of 3.50-3.99 (year1-2)
  • Scholarships: $2,500, with GPA 3.00-3.49
  • Course Level: Undergraduate degree
  • Application Deadline: Open
  • University or Organization: Jakarta International College
  • Department: NA
  • Award: Varies
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Award Number Unknown
  • Nationality: International
  • The award is used in Indonesia

Jakarta International College Awards in Indonesia Eligibility

  • Acceptable Countries: All countries from across the globe.
  • Acceptable Courses or Subjects: The grant is open to undergraduate studies in any subject.
  • Acceptable Criteria To be eligible for sponsorship, the applicant must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Candidates must enroll in the university within a few days of leaving secondary school or transfer from a different university
  • A prospective international undergraduate student may apply for the award
  • Students who have previously expressed an interest in receiving any type of government support are not qualified
  • Candidates must maintain an overall GPA that is 2.5 or more
  • Candidates must complete the minimum requirement of 24 credit hours per academic year.


  • How to apply for the Jakarta International College Awards in Indonesia: Applicants are advised to enroll in an undergraduate course at JIC before using this vital award. After enrolment, students are automatically assessed to be eligible for the prize.
  • Additional Documents Candidates must submit an official transcript, a letter of recommendation resume, a photograph, and all the required marking sheets.
  • Entry Requirements Before applying for admission, you must verify all university entry requirements.
  • The Language requirement Students must possess high proficiency in the English language to be able to attend this institution.

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