Apply Now: Faith Counts Video Contest 2024

Apply Now: Faith Counts Video Contest 2022

Do you believe that faith could assist people in overcoming the complex realities of life? Make an application to this contest to Faith counts video contest to get involved and discover.

Submissions are open in submissions to Faith counts video contest 2022. So, pull out your smartphone and grab your camera to record, then apply for this award. This article will detail how you can submit your faith counts application to the contest and how to win.


About Faith Counts

Faith Counts, LLC -is a non-denominational, non-profit group of faith-based communities representing more than 100 million Americans. We've gathered to spread a straightforward message that “faith is a powerful force.”

Every day, faith drives people to help others. It connects them with an inclusive and lively community. It allows them to overcome the often grueling realities of daily life.


The public is increasingly feeling that religion should remain private. A lot of people are uncomfortable sharing how their faith shapes their identity. We want to change that.

So, could you get to know us and dive in? Whatever your experience, we want you to discover how important faith is. Be encouraged, connected, and empowered. After you've achieved this, share something that can inspire and encourage others.

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About Faith Counts Video Contest

Faith Count believes that faith is much more than a custom or group of sayings that enthuse briefly, only to go away empty. It is an active and life-giving thing essential to the modern world in wide varieties. The benefits of faith are alive and well today. However, without hope, there's no genuine faith.


Tell us a story of optimism that inspires us, makes us laugh, moves our eyes to tears, encourages us, is entertaining, or all of the above. Let your imagination go wild, and let your camera will follow. You don't need to become one of the new Spielberg to be a star; you need an idea and a smartphone.

Benefit of Faith Counts Video Contest

There are two ways to win and three fantastic prizes. Faith Count's judges will pick the Grand Prize winner and one Honorable Mention winner. The ten finalist entries (announced following the first round of the judging) are also eligible to win The Favorite Fan award, which will be decided by Faith Counts supporters and your friends and family members by casting votes on

  • The Grand Prize winner will receive $20,000
  • Fan Favorite could win $10,000.
  • Honorable Mention will be awarded $5,000.


  • You must be at least 18 years old to be able to apply.
  • You cannot use the work of someone else's video or music, particularly famous musicians.
  • You need to obtain written consent from all those who appear in your film (pretty much just declaring, “Hey, I'm okay with being featured in this film .”).
  • You should be willing to grant the organizers the right to submit your entry-as If it's good, they'll be keen to make it available to others!
  • Videos should be appropriate. No unacceptable language, sexuality or similar.
  • Videos should portray confidence positively.

How to Apply

Apply Now: Faith Counts Video Contest 2022

  • Create a compelling documentary (no more than 2 minutes) showing how your religion gives you hope during this challenging time—aids in understanding. Could you help them to learn? Encourage and motivate them to be more enthusiastic and motivated. You can demonstrate to the world what the essence of religion is about.
  • Fill in the entry form provided below after you upload your video to the YouTube platform. You can use #FaithCounts to upload your video.
  • The final ten videos will be announced after the preliminary judging and are eligible to win The Favorite Fan award. Keep an eye on the website to find out which video won, and vote to determine the winner!


For More Information on The Faith Counts Video Contest, Visit the Official Website

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