17-year-old homeless kid become school’s best student, and wins $3m scholarship

Best Student

After graduating from Raleigh Egypt High School, in Tennessee's eastern the United States, as the best student, Tupac Mosley (17 years old) stunned his peers.

best student 2Despite being homeless and struggling to be the best student in his class, Tupac Mosley maintained a 4.3 GPA while getting accepted to over 40 universities in the United States.


Mosley also received a $3 million scholarship, which included the Gates Bridge Scholarship. He will be studying at the University. Mosley said he was thrilled to learn he had won $3 million.

Tupac's father had passed away, and his family couldn't pay their debts. They were eventually forced from their home and have lived in different homes throughout Memphis, United States.


They were pleasantly surprised to learn about “For the Kingdom,” an organization that supports urban youth and provides a camping spot. Tupac was thankful for the chance to spend quality time with his family.

Tupac is enrolled at Tennessee State University to earn a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering.

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Tupac expressed his gratitude to his principal and teachers for believing in him. Tupac encouraged fellow graduates to have faith in themselves and to work hard so they could achieve all they dream of.

Mosley stated, “Never allow your current circumstances, regardless of what they are, to be a mountain you can't climb.”

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