study at the best international universities

You can now study at the best international universities while sitting at home

Technology has provided us the opportunity to distance education in international universities, all you need is a computer with an internet connection to get a degree in your specialization from an international university, obtaining university degrees now for many is one of the means that helps you to develop your careers and increase your earning rate, and from here increased Many students are interested in distance education. In the United States of America, 7 million students have received various educational programs through distance education from various universities, and 70% of academics say that distance education has become a major role in the plan to develop their educational career, in other words Distance education and obtaining accredited degrees from international universities have become available with great flexibility and educational quality.

And before we mention in our article the best universities that provide the feature of “distance education” in their educational programs, we mention how you can choose the best educational program for you, and if you decide to get a course of study, you will find thousands of choices in front of you, and in general we cannot call a specific study program As the best distance education program at all, there is the best and most suitable course for you, so when you intend to choose a distance education program, you have to answer a few questions:

What do you intend to do after obtaining this degree or why do you want to obtain this degree? What is your goal?

What kind of degree do you want to obtain?

What specialties will help you in developing your career?

How much flexibility do you need?

What budget can you afford to get your degree?

If you can clearly answer these questions and realize exactly what you want, you can choose the appropriate course of study for you.

Among these universities …

1- University of Central Florida

The university was established in 1963, and 64,000 students are enrolled in it, many of whom study their programs via the distance education feature, in whole or in part.

What distinguishes the university is that the subjects in the distance education programs are taught by the university professors themselves who teach the subjects in the original programs of the university, and the university offers about 18 study programs to obtain a bachelor’s degree through the distance education feature for undergraduate students, and includes the Bachelor of Arts in its departments Various such as: history, English language, political science, as well as communication and media majors, Latin American studies and nursing as well, and besides the bachelor’s degrees that can be obtained entirely through the distance education feature, there are some specializations for students who have not completed their university studies, they can obtain Some subjects in their specializations in these academic disciplines: literary and humanities, education, health and public affairs, administration, science.

The university also provides about 24 academic programs for obtaining master’s degrees for graduate students, which include the arts branches in its various departments as well as the branches of science, engineering and public administration branches, and there are some masters programs that can be completed from 30 to 35 credit hours with a time equivalent to approximately one year only.

2- Arizona State University

The University of Arizona is ranked among the (US News & World Report) among the five best universities in its distance education programs, and the university is the sixth largest university in the number of students enrolled by 52 thousand students in the 2015-2015 academic year in the United States of America, The University currently offers about 150 courses via distance learning.

There are about 63 undergraduate degree programs offered by the university for undergraduate students in branches such as the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science, as well as the Bachelor of Applied Sciences in various fields such as: health, computer science and management sciences, as well as the university provides study in exploratory sciences such as: fine arts and design, computational science and sciences Physics, engineering sciences, technology sciences and social sciences.

The university also provides about 47 master’s degree programs for graduate students, including engineering, teaching and management branches, as well as natural and health sciences, as well as a tourism specialization. The university also allows students to obtain doctoral degrees in some areas.

3- University of Minnesota Twin-cities

Established in 1851, the university offers around 69 academic programs for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and continuing education.

The branches in which a student can obtain bachelor’s degrees are divided into two main sections: Administration and Science. Management students can specialize in accounting, finance, entrepreneurship or marketing. As for science students, they can study health majors, medical laboratories, or technology sciences, and the student finishes his studies in all Programs for undergraduate degrees through approximately 120 credit hours with a time equivalent to four full academic years.

As for the master’s programs, it focuses mainly in the fields of health, technology, and sciences such as: computer science, public health, dentistry, and electrical engineering, and the student will complete his studies in the master’s programs in about 30 to 42 credit hours with an equivalent time one to one and a half years.

4- Northeastern University Global Network

The university was established in 1898, and about 25 thousand students are enrolled in the university. The university has a large campus located in Boston, and the university holds many academic and research partnerships in more than 150 countries around the world.

The university offers about 10 Bachelor’s degree programs for distance education, the first of which are the branches of management in its departments: public administration, finance and accounting, health systems management, as well as technology sciences, human services and political science, media and psychology, and these programs are designed for students to complete in about 120 credit hours with an equivalent time Four full academic years, or it could be 7 years if the student prefers part-time study.

There are 37 master’s programs offered by the university for graduate students in the fields of administration, health, and teaching. There are also some specialized areas offered by the university, such as: energy sciences and geographic information technology. The University also offers some doctoral programs in teaching and physical therapy.

5- Colorado State University-Global Campus

The university was established in 2007, and it was the first and only university to offer the feature of distance education in all of its study programs, and the study materials are provided by a group of specialized professors, and they are the same professors who teach students in the original classrooms, and the study materials are presented using methods Modern technology that uses sound and image.

The university offers around 13 academic programs for undergraduate students, and students who want to obtain a Bachelor of Science (BS) can choose from branches and fields: Agriculture or Emergency Services Management, or Psychology, while students who want to obtain a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree can Choose from areas: economics or humanities and social sciences.

As for the master’s students, they can choose from 11 study programs that include multiple fields: engineering, agriculture, computer science, technology and music, human resources, teaching and public administration, tourism and other fields, and the study of the master’s program ends from 30 to 40 credit hours with a time equivalent to approximately one year to Two years.