Would you like to study philosophy

Would you like to study Philosophy?

More innovation and efficiency in providing academic education specialized in the science of philosophy and its branches, this is the vision on which academic educational institutions are based in different parts of the world, and teaching in these institutions is not limited to what its departments offer only, but it also includes joint cooperation with other institutions with the aim of enriching The educational content of its programs and the academic experience of its students, universities such as Bristol University – United Kingdom, University of Western Ontario – Canada and King’s College London – UK have succeeded in reaching the top of the global rankings of universities In the field of philosophy, how are its programs that teach philosophy designed, and what funding and educational opportunities await international students who aspire to study in them?

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol includes among its departments the Department of Philosophy, which is responsible for designing and offering specialized study programs in the science of philosophy. The department receives international students from different parts of the world, and builds standards for academic admission to its programs based on the equivalent of British qualifications and proves students ’competence in the English language, and whether students want to To apply for undergraduate or graduate programs, there is a list of qualifications that they must have in order to obtain academic admission. The department advises these students to refer to the information page of the countries where students received their previous education to know their admission criteria.

Study programs

The department offers a variety of study programs to obtain a bachelor’s degree or complete postgraduate studies through which it seeks to provide its students with academic knowledge in the science of philosophy and everything related to the questions and assumptions that this science raises about natural and social sciences, and takes them to advanced levels of knowledge in the fundamentals of logic, metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy .

A BA degree is offered for BA (Philosophy in Arts) in a three-year, part-time, six-year program. His study plan relies on allocating the first year of study to establish knowledge in students of philosophy using introductory courses dealing with topics in metaphysics and theory of knowledge Such as distinguishing between appearance and reality, knowledge, critical thinking, and optional courses offered by the department or other departments. The decisions of the second academic year are based on dealing with other aspects and topics in philosophy such as language philosophy or ethics. The third year courses are specialized in preparing students for academic research carried out under the supervision of the department’s professors Specialists, and guiding students within their tracks of interest in studying courses classified in three sections, the student chooses any of them, he has a path of philosophy of science, mathematics and logic and includes courses such as: philosophy of biology, the path of knowledge theory, metaphysics, mind, language and history of philosophy, which includes tracks such as: philosophy of psychology, and focuses The third track is on value theory (ethics, political philosophy, the philosophy of beauty), and among its decisions is the “What is destructive” course? A fold and how should it work? “.

In addition to this program, the department offers dual study programs that combine philosophy and other disciplines such as physics, sociology, economics, mathematics, theology, politics, and other languages ​​including Spanish, German, French, and Russian.

Master’s programs

The Department’s Master’s List includes five programs that qualify for the Master of Arts degree in Philosophy and other disciplines. The list starts with the Master of Arts in Philosophy program (MA in Philosophy), which is intended for students who want to go deep into philosophy as well as develop their research skills so that they can participate in Philosophy research benefiting from the expertise and experiences of the teaching staff, which includes professors from inside and outside the United Kingdom, and the program requires one year to study full-time or two-part-time, and its study plan is characterized by the possibility of its formation in proportion to the interests of students within the branches of philosophy, as it includes major courses on value theory The theory of knowledge, and the student chooses other courses to complete the program requirement according to his interests. He has courses in philosophy of science and philosophy of psychology and others, and the program qualifies his students to work in journalism, education and consulting.

The second program in the list is the Master of Arts in Philosophy and History of Science, and is suitable for students who have degrees in philosophy and want to specialize in it and in the history of science, and students from scientific backgrounds wanting to study this specialization, and the program focuses on its educational content On the philosophical issues and problems generated by specific scientific fields with a focus on physics, biology and mathematics, and in the field of science history he studies philosophical discussions dealing with the nature of the scientific method and scientific knowledge, and the program is offered full-time one-year and part-time two-year, and his curriculum includes major courses in History of science, theory of scientific knowledge, and optional courses such as: philosophy, history of medicine, and philosophy of physics. Students are required to submit a research proposal at the end of the program within the topics of philosophy research.

The department is considered one of the strongest academic departments specialized in the philosophy of biology in the United Kingdom and has strong research in the fields of philosophy of biology, philosophy of psychology and philosophy of cognitive sciences, and the MA in Philosophy of Biological and Cognitive Sciences was designed targeting a campaign Academic degrees in the disciplines of psychology, philosophy, and biology are interested in the study of philosophy of science with a focus on cognitive science and biology.