What will happen in universities after the return to study?

The impact of the spread of the Corona virus on university study in the whole world, because of Corona, the study in all its forms has stopped in all educational institutions all over the world, and the date of returning to normal life is still unknown, and that of course will affect the educational process as a whole, and will affect universities and colleges in all their forms and types , Some universities will lose huge losses, despite the universities resort to solving e-learning as an alternative solution to the continuation of the educational process almost naturally for students, but that will not prevent the damages that the universities damaged, and will be affected in the future, such as:

Big loss:

After the stoppage that occurred due to Corona, the universities and colleges all lost huge losses, whether at the level of investments and the economic level, or at the level of study, curricula and students, and the income coming from scholarships and international students as well, and it also lost some of the students who intended to apply for scholarships in the next year At the very least, and the transition to studying online was very expensive for some universities around the world, so we can say that the crisis of the spread of the Corona virus has infected universities and study with complete paralysis and great harm.

Student pressure:

Also, after the end of the Corona crisis, universities will face great pressure from students, especially international universities, which will be accepted by students for the new year that will start in the next few months, in addition to the universities ’commitment to complete the education of students that stopped their education in the current semester, in addition to the old scholarship programs, And plans to receive new grants, all of these plans must be completed, and that will put great pressure on the university administrations, which we agreed that their losses will be in the first place.

Student interests change:

During the current crisis, some fields such as medical, pharmacy, and even science in general have become a priority for many students, which will put pressure on some scholarships in the future, and will constitute a vacuum in applying for some other scholarships, as this crisis will constitute a disruption in the global scholarship system Just as it was a bug in many areas around the world, due to the changing interests of students themselves in studying abroad, and the e-learning available in a large way can play a big role in the future in changing the interests of students due to their attendance of online training courses in various fields, which Many of them are now free.

Grant affected:

As we have said, the scholarship system in the whole world has been disrupted and distracted, and of course after the losses that universities will lose, the opportunities for free university scholarships will decrease in the whole world. It is now certain that the scholarship process and its mechanisms will be affected in all universities and educational institutions, and this means that many students do not receive On opportunities that would change their lives, the work of thousands of employees working within the grant mechanism has stopped working, organizing and communicating with universities and connecting students to universities.

The educational process floundered:

As for the progress of the educational process, it has already failed since the time of the layoff, and the harm to it will increase as the time of that crisis increases. There are many universities whose students do not have a culture of distance education via the Internet, and this is sometimes true, as distance education is one of its disadvantages. Cut off part of the effective communication between students and professors, and the confusion that occurred among students due to the lack of scheduling of exams and their methods, making trust weak between students and educational institutions, and this will affect the study after the return.

Transition to e-learning:

The transition to e-learning also has disadvantages, it has advantages, advantages that make many students prefer it over traditional education, there are some studies that said that the place of e-learning after the end of the Corona virus crisis will change significantly, and this method will rise in education, and thus students will flock to education From a distance, which will weaken the position of universities and the position of traditional education as a whole.

Distance education:

Raising the profile of some universities:

Changing students ’interests in terms of different fields and their focus on studying new fields will of course increase the value of universities in which the best majors are the majors that students have preferred, and therefore it is expected that the ranking of the best universities in the world will change radically in the post-Corona period and before the next academic year, On the other hand, there are many universities that will give less preference to students, and that will revolutionize the whole educational field.