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University Education: Top 10 cities for students to study

If you want to study abroad, read this list of the best cities to study in 2013. The population density in these cities is 250,000 people and each has two educational institutions from the best institutions in the world.


She ranked first in the 2012 list and also in the 2013 list. Paris has 17 universities ranked among the best universities in the world, such as the Sorbonne. Although some complain about the high cost of living in it, the school expenses are relatively low than others, which is what compensates for this difference.


She got second place for the year 2012 and 2013. London lost the first position with a difference of only three points, but it won the second place thanks to its distinguished universities. Manchester and Edinburgh are ranked 29th and 32nd in the Top 50 Cities list.


Singapore ranked 12th in 2012, but it ranked third this year thanks to its industrial and commercial boom and low crime rates. The National University of Singapore also ranked 24th in the world.


Sydney ranked sixth in 2012, but this year it overtook Melbourne and ranked fourth. There are five universities in Sydney globally, and Sydney University ranks 38 in the list of the best universities in the world. The University of New South Wales is also ranked 52nd on the same list.


Malbron fell from fourth place for the year 2012 to fifth place in 2013 due to the high tuition and accommodation costs, but it remains better than Sydney in the ranking of universities. The University of Melbourne is ranked 31st in the list of best universities in the world.


The city comes in sixth place in 2013, ahead of its seventh in 2012. The University of Zurich is the best university in Europe and ranks 12th in the world. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, but living expenses are very high for international students.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong advanced this year from 19th place in 2012 to seventh place. Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world in both human numbers and the number of universities ranked internationally such as the University of Hong Kong, China. Residential rent is expensive, but food and transportation costs are relatively low.


Boston fell from third place in 2012 to eighth in 2013 due to the high tuition fees. Although the famous universities are not located in Boston, but near them in Cambridge and Massachusetts, but they were known in the past as the title of Athena America because of their proximity to the important American universities.


Montreal rankings rose to ninth place in 2013 compared to tenth place in 2012. The city represents Canada’s cultural capital, and McGill University is ranked 21st globally. The most disadvantage of the city is the high costs of accommodation, but it is distinguished scientifically.


Munich rankings increased from 13 for 2012 to 10th for 2013. Munich is the third largest German city. Technology universities represent the most prestigious universities in Munich.