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Study in England About studying in England

Study in England

There are many reasons that attract Arab students to study in Britain. These reasons include a negative and positive side at the same time. On this page, we try to shed light on most of the information that is important to Arab students who want to study in Britain:

Universities in England

Universities and educational institutions in England are famous for the quality of their education, and the educational system in England is based on developing a sense of independence and creativity among students, which helps British university students to obtain a better job fee after graduation.

With regard to studying the English language: There are hundreds of institutions specialized in teaching English to foreign students, these institutes are usually monitored by the British Council to ensure the standards of quality education and attachments.

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Study in England Work while studying

You can work while you study in Britain, and that depends on the type of student visa that you obtained, for students who have a public student visa (TIER 4) can work for a period of 10 hours per week. As for the visiting student visa, they are not allowed to work, see the British visa explanation page for students Learn more.

Study in England | Transportation

You can travel across Britain by trains and buses, and although transportation services are not as desirable, students do not need to purchase a car to travel.

Britain is a relatively small country, so it is easy to move around, make entertaining trips, or go on vacation to other parts of Britain

If you are coming to work or study in Britain, you may have the opportunity to experience a variety of different cultures and visit many other European countries from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Spain and Portugal, thanks to the fast communication methods between Britain and many European countries.

Study in England Geography

For Arab students, Britain is geographically close to most of the Arab world compared to many other study destinations, especially from the Anglo-Saxon countries.

Study in England the health

If you have been in a course of study for more than 6 months, you will be able to get a free medicine if you fall ill, God forbid, however the public health service is not particularly effective, and there may be some delay to see a doctor or get treatment (unless If you are seriously ill).

Study in England Safety and Security

The United Kingdom is a generally safe country. The police do not usually carry guns, and there are strict controls on ownership of weapons. However, crime rates have increased in recent years, partly due to an increase in illegal drug use. For students, always keep your luggage on arrival and always try to avoid problems.

Study in England English

Britain is the cradle of the English language and is the most native country in this language (as a first language or mother tongue) after the United States of America. There are 60 million speakers of English (as a first language or mother tongue) in Britain, 230 million speakers of English in America, 20 million in Canada, 15 million in Australia and 3 million in Ireland and South Africa.

Britain has many institutes specialized in teaching English to foreigners, and some British universities also offer these programs.

Study in England Culturally

Diversity: Britain attracts thousands of international students every year and is famous for hosting a diverse mix of different cultures from different countries of the world. In London, for example, there are hundreds of foreign communities from most parts of the world, including Arab communities from all countries.

Tolerance: The English people are known for their friendliness and welcome to foreign students, and respect for freedom of opinion and religions is one of the fundamental characteristics of this people.

Freedom: People usually feel freedom in Britain, especially in terms of expressing their personal opinions and wearing whatever they want, so do not expect people to agree with you at all times.

Humor: The British people have a strong sense of humor, but sometimes it is difficult for foreigners to absorb their humor.

Caution: the English people are friendly people by nature, but they hesitate to mix with others quickly, usually they need some time in order to spend time with them and mix with them

Creativity: Ideas and individual talents are encouraged in Britain, such as arts, music and creativity, but at the same time the British people are not known for their vitality when working in groups.

Study in England the food

British cuisine does not have the famous reputation, however, there are many restaurants and shops that provide food from different countries of the world, including Arabic food.

Study in England The environment

Britain is famous for its vast green areas, including city parks. There are many coastal areas, but few coastal beaches.

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