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How will the Corona virus affect the study of medicine around the world?

We heard many opinions after the spread of the Corona virus crisis that medicine has returned to its rightful place as the most important science for man, so the issue of doctors has risen in the whole world after medicine has become the first and last hope in discovering the treatment and serum that will save the world, and therefore, according to the opinion of many experts in The medical and educational fields, the study of medicine will move to a higher position than it was, and will return to its prestigious position as the most important field of study in all universities of the world. Of course, the study of medicine in the whole world will be affected as follows:

More students:

Because of what happened in the field of medicine in the last period, it is expected that many students coming to the university stage will come to medical colleges of various forms and types, because of the importance of medicine in the hearts of the Corona virus in young people’s importance of medicine in life, so who among us does not want to be influential in Life by discovering such an important discovery as a cure for a serious disease that threatens humanity like Corona, and pharmacology will also evolve and will greatly increase its popularity.

College expansion:

After this demand for medical colleges, of course, universities will need to expand into medical colleges of all kinds, and it will become important to develop medical sciences and the institutions that study them to cope with this increasing pressure. This will affect the curricula and their development, and will also increase the effort to focus on implanting medical values ​​within medical students.

University hospitals:

Educational medical hospitals are located in most of the universities that teach medicine in the world, so that they are related to them, educational for their students, and at the same time receive patients and treat them better and sometimes cheaper than regular hospitals, and these hospitals played a big role in containing Corona’s sanitary isolation in All countries affected by the epidemic, and this will push universities to increase investment in these hospitals significantly, which will enhance the medical educational process everywhere.


Epidemiology is a science that we have not heard about until after the emergence of the crisis of the spread of the Corona virus, and it is a science specialized in the study of epidemics and analysis of its data and the extent of its impact on societies and the world. After this crisis, this science related to medicine will be greatly active. Behind it, knowing its details and delving deeper into it, so this science is considered one of the most important sciences influenced by the Corona virus crisis, especially after it became widespread in all countries of the world, and grants in this field are expected to increase in various universities around the world.


As for pharmacology, it is one of the most important sciences that will be affected by the spread of the Corona virus, so its study and interest in it will increase, and it will become one of the most important science around the world. Pharmacy, and this will increase the specialty of pharmacy, this specialization will match medicine specialization more than it was, and it will also force universities to open new institutions and horizons for its study, and its demand will also increase at the level of scholarships in all universities and colleges of the world.

International and scientific interest:

After all of that, we can comfortably say that the whole world will increase its interest in medicine and doctors in all their fields, and interest will also increase in all branches of medicine, such as pharmacy, epidemics, etc., so universities, companies, and investors around the world will increase their investment in students who wish to obtain a medical degree And practicing this important profession, and therefore we can say that the crisis of the spread of the Corona virus is a qualitative shift for medicine and doctors, the beginning of a new stage for the relationship between universities and medicine, and a shift in the way people also view the world of medicine and all related professions.

The White Army:

In the previous days, we heard the term white army, which has been applied to all medical professionals, because they carry it on themselves to protect people from the threat of a pandemic, and from the risk of diseases that have faced the world for a long time, and diseases that will face the world in the future, so what will happen to medicine after a crisis Corona Global Virus is Prosperity, whether as a study or as an action.