Study Abroad in United States

Study America: 6 ways to get a scholarship to complete your studies

Like to Study America? The State Department has published a series of books to help students of other nationalities take advantage of scholarships for different levels of education, explaining how students are selected, applying for and conditions for undergraduate and graduate degrees, and even professional and technical studies.

And the ways to obtain these grants seem to be easy for everyone who chooses to abide by all the details and prepare early so that only the strong competition that awaits him during the application procedures in universities known to their global quality standards, their acceptance of all nationalities, the flexibility of the full grants or that provide tuition or living expenses only , And even loans that provide flexibility to repay.


1- The American Center for Information and Guidance in your country is the first source of your assistance to obtain a scholarship to study america. You can visit his (Education USA) website, especially as it provides a page for financial aid, you can also search for his branch in your country, and request government reports for grants and regional aid, or assistance provided by private institutions and companies for your country.

The center will provide you with the email addresses of the universities that you choose between, with the opportunity to communicate with professors and student service staff to inquire about information, or follow the schedule of the center’s seminars because it usually hosts officials for grants at its headquarters periodically, and broadcast these seminars through its YouTube channel, for those who do not wish Attendance to the headquarters.

2- Search now between the assistance provided by the Institute of International Education for Scholarships Foundation Center for all programs and levels of study, especially since the Center offers scholarships in equal proportions to all applicants without regard to their nationalities, and provides you with registration and follow-up of your application electronically on its website.

3- You can request the grant directly from its American sources, international organizations, businessmen and professional societies, which usually make financial contributions with the aim of promoting international exchange. Well-known international organizations provide such assistance as the World Bank and the United Nations, so the World Bank offers its assistance to those wishing to complete study America through its website, and it allocates a page for scholarships, in addition to regional organizations such as the educational portal of the Americas.

4- If you choose a number of universities and intend to enroll in one of them, you can read the reference bulletins on the website of each university, or view research programs on the computer through the American Guidance Center, as a third of graduate students around the world complete their studies by obtaining grants from American universities The value of the scholarship varies according to specialization and level of study.

5- There are not many international agencies that offer financial loans to students of different nationalities. Information about these loans is available at the American Guidance Center in your country. You should read the terms of the loan and ways to pay it well before taking this step.

6- You can request the assistance of the US government through the Fulbright Program, which aims to encourage and support mutual understanding between American students and students of other peoples, by providing various financial aid starting with free travel tickets, through grants to pay for living costs and tuition fees.

You can easily request this assistance by submitting a complete application to your country’s Fulbright Commission, or what it represents as the American Guidance Center or the Consulate’s Public Affairs Department or the US Embassy, ​​and inquire about educational advisors there about all the scholarships available, or go now to the Fulbright website and enter your data and follow your application path .

Tips for requesting an acceptable grant to Study America:

1- You must start planning for your goal at least 12 months before the lottery, due to the intense competition from students to obtain such grants, so you must pay attention to the terms of the application and submit the papers in full, and make a careful study of the amount that you will need and what you can provide yourself to know which grants fit Your circumstances.

2- A large number of these grants allocate its funds with the aim of supporting certain segments such as women and students of journalism, engineering or medicine, so you should check the conditions and papers in your application, especially that some places may ask you to write a research or plan for a development project that you intend to implement, and define your goals from this The project and the work mechanisms and how it will assist your country, continent, or nature, and other conditions in which counseling center consultants will help you, or may help you to communicate with students or graduates in your field of study America.

3- The minimum conditions for admission to American scholarships are that you are not less than 17 years old, and to bring a high school completion certificate and exam results in English, and most scholarships require test results in one or more of the established admission tests at all universities as an initial and basic part of the application, such as a test ACT, TOEFL or IELTS.

4- If a university asks you in its terms for a personal statement to express yourself freely, then answer the questions explained with all credibility, and to support your position to win the scholarship you can arrange with your school principal, your dean or one of the teachers by providing letters of recommendation.