We are glad you want to work with us, in building a long and last AI system that can categorize words in right categories. Our platform is a very simple and guaranteed way to have additional income in Internet. We welcome anyone who wants to make extra income working from any location of the world.

All you need to get started is a computer or a smartphone with Internet access. NB: Our platform is note a get rich quickly system, you only get paid for task completed.

Feel free to join any of our Membership Plan:

Free Membership

Access to sorting lab and earn cash

Paid Membership

You have added advantage over free members, reason been that you earn from two source:

(i) Sorting Data – Gain access to unlimited data in our Sorting Lab

(ii) Coin Mining – We trade on your behave and we pay you in your local currency.

DSorter Club Membership Plan


$0/ Month







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