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Countries where you can study for free or at low fees

The countries that international students choose as a destination to complete their academic studies vary, as some prefer to study in Europe and others in Asia or America, and many of them prioritize their choices for universities with outstanding academic education globally, but the tuition fees may shock them with the burden that they impede to continue their education. Although there are available resources that they can take advantage of to finance their studies, each of them has its challenges. Scholarships, for example, have a great competition that reduces the possibility of each student obtaining his goals, so the biggest opportunity remains to find superior higher education institutions that offer free education or low fees, whatever. It was your favorite continent, and wherever you want to be your study destination you may find this option available, and the report will inform you of all the options available to you.

Countries “free fees”

Education in these countries is free, there are no tuition fees imposed on international students, and in some cases they may be required to pay registration fees or to cover the costs of services provided by the university only. Universities in most of these countries offer study programs in English and mastery of these languages ​​is one of the conditions The admission imposed on students who can show their level in them by taking one of the international language exams, such as: “TOEFL / IELTS”. The degree required in these tests varies from one university to another. As for other languages, what will be related to their terms will be clarified according to the countries that use them.


Most German universities are fonded by the government that seeks to attract students from all over the world, and a decision has been issued to cancel the tuition fees imposed on international students wishing to enroll in the study programs offered for undergraduate students in German public universities starting in October 2014, but the fee exemption does not include students Postgraduate studies, or private universities that have different fees depending on the programs and university, and undergraduate students will be required to pay a small amount to cover registration costs at the university and the services available to them in addition to the price of a bus ticket, and this amount varies from one university to another but it is at a rate of 150-250 euros, and in While this decision was an opportunity for all international students during the previous years to complete their studies in Germany, however a group of German universities announced recently that they will start to impose tuition fees on international students in the undergraduate stage starting from the fall of 2017, but they remain low fees as they do not exceed 1,500 EUR for the semester.

All students wishing to study programs offered in German must show evidence of their mastery of the language of the study program, by taking one of the international tests prescribed by TestDaF or DSH, and the student fulfills the language requirement if he obtains the intermediate level in either of them, and there are certain cases where students are excluded from performing these Examinations.


A distinct opportunity created by the Government of Norway by providing support to all public universities and Norwegian government community colleges in order to provide free education that enables all local and international students, and who are enrolled in all programs and academic degrees to complete their higher education, and students are required to pay symbolic amounts to the university ranging between 35 and 71 dollars American only, which makes it a magnet for all academically distinguished talents and students to study in Norway, and students who want to study in the Norwegian language are required to have a third level in the Norwegian language exam for foreigners, or have passed the “Bergenstesten” test with a score of at least 450, or Their universities also define.


Students who will join future courses offered in Finnish or Swedish will be free of charge.

Another country joins the list of free education countries, but it has been characterized by this feature for a long time and international students of all nationalities and in all academic programs have benefited from it, until a law was passed that changes this situation starting from the fall of 2017, and the law imposes on international students from outside the European Union who plan To enroll in programs taught in the English language that will start after this date, pay tuition fees ranging between 4,000 and 20,000 euros, but the opportunity is still available as there are exceptions to this law, meaning that it will not apply to international students who enrolled in Finnish universities before this date, and doctoral students, Academic exchange students, and students who will join future courses offered in Finnish or Swedish, start learning one of these languages ​​to take advantage of the opportunity, the lowest level required in either of them is a good level in the administrative language test, or a third level in the YKI exam, and this condition may differ According to the university.


All public universities in Iceland exempt their students from tuition fees, and they are required to pay the equivalent of $ 662 as a one-time registration fee.

All public universities in Iceland are exempt from their tuition fees, and they are required to pay the equivalent of $ 662 as registration fees only once at the beginning of joining the courses offered at these universities, and all students who want to enroll in programs offered in the Icelandic language must have a B2 level In it according to the general European frame of reference for languages.