Corona virus

Common Questions: Influence of Corona virus on your studies

In light of the circumstances that the entire world is going through now from the spread of the Corona virus, we know very well that there are many questions that students in a study trip and how this situation will affect their studies, so we are here to help you answer the common questions that students have in mind. Our continuous monitoring of the situation and contact with students. In times of uncertainty there is often confusion, so if you are an existing student or intend to enroll in a specific course of study, here are the answers to these questions that concern you.

  1. Should I continue to search in universities for study opportunities today?

Yes, you can continue to search in international universities in the world to find out where you want to study, despite the current situation with the Corona virus, you can use this period in preparing study plans. If you are looking to study abroad in the year 2020 or 2021, it is helpful to search in universities for opportunities and various procedures, which may include some steps online, or postponed dates that you should follow.

Questions about studying and Corona

  1. What are universities doing right now to deal with the situation?

Universities around the world follow the advice and instructions provided by the government and the World Health Organization, so they close their campuses to protect university communities and prevent the spread of the Corona virus, and institutions have developed contingency plans to help students complete the existing curriculum. This includes amending evaluation criteria and converting the education process to online learning, as well as facilitating the work of academic and administrative teachers remotely.

The whole world is facing this epidemic together, so it is important that we support each other. Universities are aware of this, and they are aware of the anxiety this situation creates for students. Indeed, some institutions are going back on deadlines to relieve stress and anxiety. It is always best to check the institution you are studying in the institution or institution that you want to know the plans and procedures currently in place.

  1. Which countries have restrictions on entry?

You can refer to the official government information sources for the latest developments and suggested advice, and you can also learn about the following destinations:






New Zealand


United kingdom

United State

If the country you are looking for is not listed here, please refer to the Forbes A-Z list.

Study abroad in light of the spread of Corona

  1. What do I do if the university I want to join is closed?

Many universities have had to close their doors to ensure the health and safety of their employees and students, and this is necessary for them and for you too if you are to join them. Each university currently has a number of protocols in place to deal with the situation, and it follows government guidelines and instructions. We recommend checking the university’s website for the latest information. Many universities have special information about the Corona virus in terms of its relationship and impact on universities and their work. If it is not on the university’s home page, you can use the search field on their site. Although this process may differ between institutions, many universities have a specific email address or communication method intended for current and prospective students. You may be able to make inquiries online and get advice from its remote employees. They also provide student support in many areas from luxury to educational and professional counseling.

Many universities quickly transfer their lessons and resources and evaluate them online to accommodate students during this critical time. The future remains somewhat uncertain for the time being, but some universities are preparing for a new class of students to start the first stage with online learning so that they can enroll in person when things get back to work. Remember that universities want new students as well as they work hard to make sure that this can happen after these global situations.

  1. Can I take an English test?

English language tests such as IELTS and TOEFL have taken precautions to protect their employees and students. So this resulted in the suspension of tests in some locations. There are some other places that have chosen to open their doors with precautionary measures such as providing masks, hand sanitizers, and barriers. You can find more information about these measures on the IELTS website for students who want updates on the TOEFL and the Graduate Assessment Examination GRE test, you can browse the ETS Tutorial website.