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Learn French: Best Institute – 220 Million Use It

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The French language has received much praise from people who have learned it as a second language, which is the second most widely spoken language in the world after English, spoken by about 220 million people in 29 countries around the world, including: France, Canada, Switzerland, Vietnam, and the Congo And Morocco, meaning that learning French opens the door to discovering several cultures and countries (1).

And if we want to talk about the educational aspect that concerns students, learning it is easy for them to join a variety of higher education institutions, some of which are known to be among the best universities in the world, especially educational institutions Higher French government, which has a low tuition fee of less than one thousand euros annually if the student joins its programs taught in French (2),

And students who have learned them will also be able to enter the French labor market and compete in the international job market, speaking more than one language is a privilege that attracts many operators How can this language be learned? What are the best educational institutions that can be enrolled to learn the language, both inside and outside France?

Institut français (Learn French)

France has followed a long-standing approach to building diplomatic relations through culture, and its cultural policy has been linked to diplomacy from the nineteenth century, and this association has flourished in the form of cultural institutions, most notably today the “French Institute”, whose international presence has strengthened through 96 branches around the world starting in 2011 And under the supervision of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in line with the influence diplomacy that is framed by the policies of the French government, in order to enhance dialogue with and open to different cultures, and to strengthen the presence of French culture at the international level.


To get to know the institute’s role in learning the French language, we will first shed light on the nature of its work, which is compatible with the goal of its establishment, and this may benefit you in more than one way as well. Focusing on the institute’s cultural activities, we will find that it follows four tracks through major sections. The Technical Exchanges and Cooperation section deals with everything related to the performing and visual arts, music and architecture, and provides support to artists in various places around the world through projects, events, exhibitions and concerts that bring together museums, cultural bodies and interested sponsors.

Also, the cinema department is specialized in publishing the French cinema heritage, its list contains 3,500 varied films between documentary and fiction, in addition to supporting activities such as: “Le Mois du Documentaire”, and participating in festivals such as the Cannes Festival, while the third section is led by the Development and Partnerships Department, where its departments reside Partnerships between French cities or regions and cultural institutions around the world, and facilitate the movement of French artists to and from outside France, and also organizes seasonal cultural events and cultural exhibitions between countries, festivals and annual programs.

Learn French language at the institute

The department of French language, books and ideas is the fourth department of the institute. Responsible for establishing the presence of the French language in various countries around the world. This section includes two branches, the first for the French language and the second for books and knowledge. The French Language Branch includes a number of educational projects and programs for teaching the French language, such as: bilingual classes that support learning the French language and learning other materials such as science and mathematics using the French language, and there are about 1.7 million students in 45 countries around the world who benefit from these programs, and there are Some educational programs are available for students from 16 to 18 years old.

The digital learning program “IFprofs” is one of the distinguished achievements of the branch, and it is an educational tool provided to organize and assist teachers who learn and teach French at all levels from primary to university or its equivalent. He also has an e-learning program “PRO FLE”, and digital educational resources Which includes films and the platform “IFcinéma” cinemas, reports and a digital library for students and other programs.

At the level of language learning courses, the language course systems differ from one country to another. And adults, the courses correspond to the educational needs of these groups, and follow an educational path that includes 12 levels of language learning and is subject to the common European frame of reference for languages. The course may cover the four main language skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening) or focus on only one of them as conversation courses, and trainers are These courses by having unique qualifications and experience in teaching French as a foreign language, and the institute also provides training for students wishing to Take official French certification exams such as: DELF, DALF, TCF Québec.

To find out if the French Institute has a branch in your country and to inquire about educational courses and available activities, you can search using this map, or inquire with the French embassy in your country on where you can learn french language. It is an added advantage when you learn french as a new language.

Alliance Frances (Learn French)

Alliance française is an international organization founded in Paris in 1883 by chemist Louis Pasteur, writers Jules Verne and Ernest Renan and publisher Arman Coleen and diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps. The organization is spreading French culture and language all over the world, and the number of students who learn the French language in its branches reaches more than 440,000 students annually, in 1,016 locations in 135 countries around the world, and the organization’s work is focused on teaching the French language to people of all ages through Working with school and university educational institutions, promoting the French language, and stimulating cultural exchange with different countries.

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