resources to help teachers

After Corona and quarantine, resources to help teachers switch to e-learning!

We know that you, teachers, are not used to e-learning, but because the quarantine conditions imposed on us the closure of schools, the safest and most appropriate alternative was online education .. So it was important for us to secure many free sites to facilitate this experience on you .. Here is a list that is updated first The most important e-learning sites.

Sites to practice writing and creating exercises:

Some students are not used to using the keyboard, they need training to use it, and these are some e-learning sites that will help them get used to and will help teachers write exercises for students to train in.

English writing sites:


(Type Dojo (my review here

Touch Typing for Kids



Education sites to broadcast lectures directly

Class Dojo

A site that links school students and their parents with teachers and school administration.


Another site for making videos and lectures that helps you to communicate with your students.


This site helps you to create videos, create exercises, and monitor the progress of your students and their understanding of the information.


Join students and teachers using the flipgrid site from about 180 countries around the world, help them learn from kindergarten to doctorate!


Another website that helps you create interactive videos and exercises and teach your students in a fun way.


The most favorite site for children to learn is full of pre-made educational games and you can also set up your own games.


Screen capture and audio recording site for Windows and Mac ..

Pear Deck

Free website for creating presentations and sharing them in electronic classes on the Internet


An add-on to Google Chrome, part of the Google Classroom website, that helps you record video on your computer screen and also operate the camera for your photography.

Reading sources

Book Creator

The digital book maker site gives a free 90-day period for schools damaged by Corona and has apps on Android and IOS.

Crash Course

A YouTube channel and site contains educational videos on various topics such as anatomy, history, and even literature.

Common Lit Reading Program

This site contains 2000 educational articles and presentations for students from 3 years to 12 years old to help them build the skill of reading, writing and critical thinking.


An e-book site divided into categories according to the ages of children up to 12 years old that can be used as a teacher or parent.


A site for instructional audio lessons based on stories and questions about them, which is also free for schools that are closed because of Corona.

Sites to learn to write in English

The Quill

This site includes training in writing in English and grammar for all educational levels.

Vocabulary Games from PBSKids A site that teaches words to children using flash games and stories.

Merriam Webster Word Games provides you with a word and asks questions about it to know how well you know this word.


Realization platform

Among the respected Arab platforms that provide educational curricula for school grades from kindergarten through high school.


A platform for teaching many subjects such as mathematics, science and technology.

Delta Math

Contains mathematics for middle and high school.

Eureka Math / Great Minds

This site includes mathematics curricula for pre-kindergarten through secondary education.

Khan Academy

The well-known Khan Academy website contains many videos with all materials with short tests to make sure your students are accommodated.


Understand the site

An Arabic site rich in educational videos divided according to the curriculum of each country and according to the classes.

Mystery Science

Short science lessons for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

National Geographic

The group offers many educational programs suitable for kindergarten and primary levels in geography, earth sciences, biology, and others.

Crash Course Kids

A successful series of courses is not only for adults, as there is a series of science and engineering videos for students in primary school starting from the fifth grade.

Other sciences:


A site to teach children about different geography and cultures.


This site contains many educational videos, pictures and digital lessons in economics, geography and history, suitable for students from kindergarten to secondary education.