6 tips for studying and working from home in the face of the Coronavirus

In a few months, the Corona virus became the first controller in business, study activities and social life for all of the world’s population, its effects and echoes appeared in all aspects of life, and the world became in a state of panic and anxiety mixed with lack of understanding and rush to follow instructions, but does this mean the cessation of study, work and life ?

Certainly many companies and students in schools and universities have been affected, so there are many effective ways that you can resort to if you are a student or employee. You can keep up with your work and complete your studies at home in these ways:

1- Set a quiet and appropriate place in your home

Perhaps the first step is your good preparation for a place that motivates you to study and work for a long time, and do not forget to definitely sterilize the surfaces that you work on and the tools that you use, moreover make sure that all your tools are around you including your papers and pens so that you do not have to move a lot and get distracted from your work or study .

Work and study from home

2- Specify times for work and study

Treat as if you were actually going to work or school and university, at a specific time you need to wake up and start to work, and at a specific time you have to finish it as well, do not allow chaos to enter into your day and life, this would increase tension and anxiety and suffice the panic around you for sure.

3- Connect with classmates and work remotely

Recently, there has been a high demand for remote communication programs and different applications, as it is an appropriate means of good communication with people, while limiting clusters, direct mixing, contact and frictions that may lead to the spread of the Corona virus.

The most important applications that you can use to organize your work and study with your colleagues remotely:

  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • WebEx
  • G-Suite
  • Microsoft Team

Communication with co-workers from home

4- Exercise and take care of healthy food

There is no doubt that the correct health system and healthy eating habits are a balanced means of life and good health, and they are no less important than the importance of washing hands and sterilizing surfaces and sneezing in tissues, because these habits would strengthen immunity, and protect from disease in general, because if you abide by the teachings With weak immunity, I was more susceptible to various diseases.

So, pay close attention to what you eat and drink in your day, and do not make yourself busy at work and study even if you do this in your normal days, you need more days than before to take care of your health, be sure to move and exercise even at home, set aside a morning time for various home exercises , And make it part of your daily routine.

5- Get a proper break between the different tasks

There is no doubt that the nature of the human mind needs a certain period of concentration, followed by a period of rest. The mind is like a machine that has long been rotated, it does not give you sound results, because it is exhausted from maintaining movement and rotation, so you must renew your activity and refresh your mind with different breaks between study and work, even a short time to relax and meditate, to read A small portion of your favorite book, for music, and see your renewed energy after this break.

6- Maintain your mental health

In order not to get crazy, frightened, and very anxious that may disrupt you from work and study, be careful with social media, and maintain your energy and psychological well-being through these steps:

A- Limit the news and be careful what you read

News multiplies at every moment, news from a country tells you what does not reassure you, and you will not be able to deal with all these negative news, and people’s comments on it from friends and family, so reduce news, and work your mind as you read, and do not allow people to broadcast their impressions and fear to you.

B- Choose your source

We certainly do not mean to be separated from the world, but you can follow the news from its authentic and reliable sources such as the World Health Organization WHO and the virus and the CDC and the CDC does not bother with rumors so everyone tells the news from their destination, so look for the truth From its sources.

C- Ignore Twitter’s “trend”

If you follow a lot of words spread on Twitter, you may find a small part of it that is genuinely connected to the topic, and the large part of those who want to take the lead no matter the result, so it is not indicative of a valid scientific thing, so do not waste your time in tracking the words spoken on Twitter, and ignore the accounts Which publishes a lot of news just because of being, even at the expense of people’s security and psychological safety.

Ignore WhatsApp groups and hide the posts on Facebook that cause you worry without returning to a reliable source.

D- Avoid mental fatigue

Fatigue, fear and anxiety greatly affect mental health and physical immunity, so avoid long fatigue and continue working and studying without exposure to the sun or inhaling morning breezes, or going out to nature even for a short time, that would stimulate your immune system and renew your psychological activity.

E- Deal in a healthy way with anxiety and panic

Certainly, there is no escape from anxiety in the midst of all this news, but you have to deal with it correctly so that it does not turn from anxiety to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Here are simple ways to do this:

Acknowledgment: I admit that you are in a state of anxiety because your escape from your feelings makes him store you in the subconscious, so just admit it.

Pause: stop after admitting it to examine its causes, and whether it is based on sound scientific or logical grounds, otherwise there is no reason for concern.

Breathe: Proper breathing helps you extract your negative emotions from your breath, so practice proper breathing.

Analyze: Deal with thoughts in the logic of dialogue and refutation, and you will discover that there are many feelings that were born in you because of wrong thoughts, from undocumented sources.

Leave: Leave the idea or feeling, it will pass, you do not have to respond after being satisfied, you can imagine them floating away in a bubble or cloud.