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5 steps to study at the University of your dreams!

You want to study abroad and not know where to start? This article is for you!

Before applying to study abroad, there are many things and steps to consider, we summarized for you the most important:

1- Choosing the subject of the study: The choice of the subject of the study does not depend on the person’s desires only, but there are other factors that must be taken into consideration, such as the rate, the desired benefit, in addition to the most important factor represented in choosing a major in which you can excel. If you want to get a job opportunity abroad, know that it is not enough just to be good, but you have to be creative! So, dear reader, make sure to choose a course of study that suits your abilities and skills.

2- Choosing a study destination: This is one of the most important initial steps in your search for an educational institution to complete your studies abroad. The most popular destinations in the Arab world are the United States, Britain, Malaysia, and Australia. It is very important that you take into account matters accompanying travel before you travel; Such as visa, cost of living, as well as making sure that there is security and stability in the place you intend to go.

3- Choosing a university: Choosing a university is no less important than the previous one. Fortunately Hot Corse has gathered for you the largest encyclopedia of international universities in Arabic, which saves you effort and time. Using the university search engine, you will get many university names in several countries, with a profile for each university. Since choosing a university to study is a difficult decision, the following is recommended:

Not only read the profile, but download the free brochure for each university that interests you, and read about its advantages and conditions for admission to it.

If you have other questions after reading the brochure, please do not hesitate to click on the university contact button. You can also view opinions of current and graduate students about universities and majors without bias.

After you have obtained information about the universities, complete the application forms for all universities that attracted your interest. The more requests you receive, the higher your chances of obtaining admission. And remember that all applications are free! To facilitate the application process, we have prepared a free application for you.

4- Defining your options: After researching, surveying, and receiving acceptance letters for different universities, we advise you if you receive more than 3 acceptance letters, by sifting and listing your options by searching for other details that are not less important, such as the university’s location, ease of travel to and from it, daily costs, and the level of security. You will find many articles that may help you in this field.

5- – Avoid intermediary companies that request a fee to facilitate the process of filling applications. Many prestigious universities have strict laws and regulations against these meditations and your request may be met with categorical and direct rejection if the university discovers that you are using a mediator.