lessons about life I learned in school

10 important lessons about life I learned in school

After a period of sitting at home and not going to school, let’s reveal some of the teaching strategies that affect your life, which you gained from going to the classroom without even paying her a thought!

1- It is normal for you to want to leave everything

Sometimes with the many psychological pressures that come from the anxiety of examinations and studying for long times, you feel that you have done everything in your power and want to stop, even if temporarily, from making any additional effort, and this is a very natural feeling that we all have when engaging in many responsibilities and tasks, so we suddenly feel that we are unable We want to quit what is in our responsibility from time to time, and indeed, academic study makes you realize this in a noticeable way. When you are integrated in exams and successive academic responsibilities, you feel that you are about to lose your energy, but you resume and complete again, and for this reason the effect of the school on your personality does not It is limited only to the academic side.

2- Never underestimate your journaling and daily life

Writing down the moments of your life in the form of notes in an organized and long-lasting way, gives you the opportunity to remember happy times that passed by you before, and perhaps here we refer to the role of the mother in the first place, as she is the most keen person to collect the memories of her children in all their academic stages, whether in the form of pictures Or videos or written blogs, and this habit will not realize its value until later, so your study times become a memory that takes you to the past.

3- There is no objection to crying if you falter or feel unsuccessful

Perhaps you will remember the first time that you cried so hard to obtain an unexpected degree in a study exam, and this was one of the first times that you felt a sense of failure, and this scene is repeated many times in your life later, where you realize then that life has more and more difficult things than school exams At that time, you will be acclimatized to this, and you can rise again with more accomplishments and in a shorter time than before, because you are simply stronger than you were before.

4- Know your limits!

We are not ideal people, perhaps that is what I realized during your university studies, where I realized at the time that there are individual differences between people and that we differ from each other in many skills, and there are people who are more intelligent than others, and each person is unique in a certain intelligence in a different field from the other And this is very normal because it works to balance life.

5- Don’t let others’ opinions of you affect your personality

Some people find pleasure in categorizing others and calling them disturbing names such as “the nerd” or “the failed student”, and other names that are not at all pleasant, and this is what you may find repeated during your studies at school and university, and then you start training yourself on Not giving negative opinions importance in your life, and not making them a hindrance to you in any way.

6- When you decide to work in the field of science, do not lose sight of the study of humanities

What this means is that if you decide to complete your academic studies in a scientific field, you must enrich yourself with sufficient knowledge in the humanities because they are necessary and indispensable in your career journey; As an HR field for example.

7- Teaching is one of the best ways to learn

Some universities set the teaching project as a training that must be passed on to graduates, and this gives you an opportunity to benefit from teaching skills, interact with university students, and deal with different types of people, and this is of course a beneficial experience that may pay off later.

8- A single piece of technology that can change your life

Perhaps your first interaction with the machines and technological things is due to your use of the calculator in the elementary stage, remember to warn you when you use it for the first time and ask you how to install it to give the results in this precise manner, and then you discover that there are a lot of products and technological machines that appear more skillful and more accurate to install .

9 – Stand in front of the public

The beginning of introducing yourself to others and learning to stand in front of a group of people and talk to them may be due to your primary education stage, and this is repeated in the stage of university education in particular, perhaps you did not know at the time that you will repeat standing in front of the audience differently when you go out to work in a job after your graduation and you are asked to offer Your thoughts of others are like this, and certainly this point is one of the most important things you can learn during your studies.

10- Participation in a work team

The school is the first place that gives you the opportunity to integrate with others and form group teams, whether for study or entertainment with friends, and this of course made you more understanding of the concept of working in a team team that you later encountered in your work and you have clearly acquired his skills from your studies at school or the University.